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Block Chain

About the Course

In a simpler terminology Blockchain can be interpreted as an incorruptible digital ledger which is carrying out history of all the economic digital transactions. The distributed database which has been created by the Blockchain technology is equivalent to a fundamentally different digital backbone. This is what that makes Blockchain completely distinctive from other distributed ledgers. From initially having been designed to merely deal with the digital transactions Blockchain has evolved into a more of revolutionary form. At present Blockchain is highly capable of handling all the Bitcoin transactions and also it has the capability to handle almost everything that has an assigned value.


Crypto currency is a concept which is extensively used by the Blockchain for delivering highly secured transactions by maintaining a decentralized database & digital ledger.



Who should go for this course?

Doesn’t require any requirement of special degree or extra added skill sets. Having the interest alone in making a career in this field will be enough to enroll in our course.


ü  Industry Professionals

ü  Banking Professionals & Experts

ü  Blockchain Engineers

ü  Finance Professionals

ü  Network Administrators

ü  Freshers & Graduates



Block Chain Course Pre-requisites

Experience in any object-oriented programming language with fundamental knowledge of networking is required. Hands-on experience on LINUX operating system is advantageous. Scripting languages like JavaScript will add value as it improves the overall learning experience.