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Application Development

Peers Technologies Pvt. Ltd has high level of proficiency in designing and developing Software applications on all available technologies catering to a wide variety of verticals. We define a scalable, flexible and high-performance architecture and develop effective solutions for you. With our well-defined methodologies, we endeavor to provide you with reliable, secure, robust and easy to maintain business applications.

Enterprises Portals

The term "enterprise portal" refers to an intranet platform which provides access to enterprise data as well as resources of the information system within a single interface. A seamless integration with existing environment is critical. Peers Portal Framework not only integrates with business components like content management systems, search engines, security/Web SSO tools and business process management tools, but also acts as a consumer of service oriented architecture-based services, participates and integrates with the organization's identity management strategy and enables 'digitized' self service applications.


Peers offers cost-effective complete ecommerce solutions. Peers is dedicated to evolving ecommerce solutions as we collaborate closely with our customers, who span a wide range of industries. We continually improve our services and upgrade our ecommerce Solutions. Our world-class dedicated programming team working around the clock will provide 24*7 application support.


Peers ERP practice is focused on providing customers a cost effective way to run and connect enterprise-wide business functions via a range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. ERP software automates finance and human resource departments and helps manufacturers handle jobs such as order processing and production scheduling Peers expertise with ERP component systems includes providing technology expertise, technical and functional experts to implement and integrate ERP packages.