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Customized Training

Customized Training Course

The student can enroll to any number of training courses from the available list in accordance with his convenient time. The student can also customize a training program according to his requirements by selecting the required topics of the course, the number of sessions, and the schedule and also can select the instructor form the available list. A one to one session between a student and instructor can also be scheduled.

Course NamesTime (IST)Start DateEnd Date 
.Net(Pack)-C#.Net & ASP.Net08.0027/11/201827/12/2018 Register
.Net(Pack)-C#.Net & ASP.Net (Weekends)08.0024/11/201826/01/2019 Register
UI Development(Web Application Development)11.0028/11/201828/12/2018 Register
Angular 611.0028/11/201818/12/2018 Register
SQL Server DBA08.3029/11/201828/12/2018 Register
SQL Server 201208.3029/11/201819/12/2018 Register
Core Java & Adv Java10.0029/11/201808/01/2019 Register
Oracle17.0029/11/201824/12/2018 Register
PHP09.0029/11/201824/12/2018 Register
Testing Tools10.0023/11/201823/12/2018 Register
C++ with DS12.0022/11/201822/12/2018 Register